• Introduce people to technology and know-how that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to
  • Facilitate meaningful relationship building
  • Enable hands-on learning
  • Foster creativity, innovation, and ideation
  • Support entrepreneurs through prototyping and idea formation
  • Promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Promote personal development through aquiring new skills, exploring interests, and boosting confidence
  • Facilitate making and tinkering, which are powerful ways to learn
  • Offer learning-centered opportunities
  • Offer authentic learning experiences that connect with the real world
  • Help prepare students for the future
  • Address differentiation and multiple intelligences
  • Engage community and invite cross-generational learning
  • Provide interdisciplinary reflections of real life
  • Function as catalysts for change

Acadia students Rowan, Sarah, Rudy, Enricque, Bruno, and Riley proudly showcasing their Dremel Digilab creations.