For Members

What Does Your Membership Include?

Your Steamspace membership gives you access to the space and its equipment.

Your membership also includes:

  • Discounted rates for workshops and camps
  • Training and mentoring by SteamTeam members

Since we can buy in bulk, we also save you money on materials such as filament, foam core board, and electronics that you will need to purchase in Steamspace.

Steamspace Fundamentals

  • Failure is part of the creative process. It is necessary and welcomed.
  • This is a collaborative space. The best ideas happen when many minds work together.
  • Steamspace is yours to build. You have a say in what happens here.
  • Making is messy. Please clean up after yourself and leave the space in better shape than you found it in.
  • Report any damaged equipment to the SteamTeam.
  • Respect intellectual property. Collaborate, don’t copy.
  • This space is for everyone. Be considered of others.
  • Nothing can be made with malicious intent or of violent and/or sexual nature.
  • If you don’t know, ask. Likely, someone else has experienced this problem before.
  • Prototyping is welcome, manufacturing is not.
  • Use equipment only after you’re trained to do so.
  • This space is for creating. Use your imagination.
  • Post your ideas, questions, and suggestions on the Main Floor bulletin board.