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Covid-19 Projects

Steamspace’s efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Assembling Your Face Shield

Wondering how to stay safe and still get hands-on and creative? Steamspace has you covered. Head on over to our youtube channel to discover how easy it is to keep your community and yourself protected with this step-by-step guide to assembling your very own face shield.

Dr. Spooner’s Contaminants Project

Dr. Ian Spooner’s research on contaminants at Boat Harbour, Nova Scotia relies on the deployment of monitoring equipment, most of which is custom made.  Steamspace at Acadia built cases and mounting options that were designed but not readily available.  Spooner says, “Without Steamspace’s rapid production capability we would have had to improvise, a challenge with such specialized equipment and time sensitivity in deployment of the equipment!  Steamspace is a great resource that supports proof-of-concept research and the development and deployment of unique field equipment”.

Meghan Swanburg + Team: SARS CoV2 Wastewater Surveillance Program – Sewage Cages

 When the third wave of SARS-CoV-2 hit Nova Scotia, Acadia researchers needed more sampling devices to deploy as part of a wastewater surveillance program in the province led by Dr. Graham Gagnon, director of the Centre for Water Resources Studies (CWRS) at Dalhousie University, in partnership with Acadia, St. Francis Xavier, Cape Breton Universities. Steamspace were eager to assist and quickly 3D-printed COVID-19 Sewer Cages (COSCa), designed by CWRS graduate student Emalie Hayes, so Acadia researchers could sample more sites and test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in a timely manner. Steamspace staff also provided advice on how to print the devices more efficiently helping to improve future iterations of the device.”

– Meghan Swanburg

CBC News:

New data shows Omicron was in Nova Scotia wastewater in November

For more information on the role that Nova Scotia universities played in the detection of the Alpha and Omicron variant threat to the sewer system, follow the link attached to the image for the full news story.